Well, for one thing, nutrition in America is completely backwards.
Most people eat what they are TOLD  to eat - from television advertising, radio,
magazines,newspapers or the constant chain of restaurants that bombard us
on every block. Many Americans go weeks, without putting a single raw piece
of food into their mouths.

We are all in such a rush, that convenience and time constraints have pushed us
into a lifestyle of"eat-on-the-run-and-be-done".  The sad results are a
diseased, stressed public which is sadly lacking in the area of nutrition.
Eating Moringa can change that - and rapidly, too.

Maybe you are not interested in drastically changing your eating habits,
but adding afew different things to your standard "menu" can make a
dramatic difference in your health. It is common knowledge, that if you don't FEEL
good, you don't function up to your full potential. An occasional salad or green
vegetable cannot undo years of eating fast-food, or boxed, frozen prepared
dinners, or restaurant fare. Adding Moringa to your diet can rapidly flood
your cells with EXTREME NUTRITION, and what's better yet, you can grow it
in your own backyard, on your patio or porch, or even inside - with
adequate warmth and light.

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One unique feature of Moringa, all varieties, is that it contains all of the essential amino
acids required by the human body, and several more. That is RARE in the plant kingdom,
and good news for vegetarians. The raw leaves are just loaded with Vitamin A and
Vitamin C, complete protein, Calcium, Potassium, Sulfur, Iron, B Vitamins, and Vitamin E.

Dried Moringa leaf powder contains large amounts of Protein, Fiber, Calcium, Sulfur,
Potassium, Vitamin A, B Vitamins, and again,
all of the essential amino acids. Vitamin C
is still present, but you lose some of it, when the leaves are dried.

As for eye appeal, well...just look at some of the photos, on the
The leaves are a bright, vivid green. The flowers are white with yellow in their
centers, and very fragrant. The pods are long, green, and packed with nutrition,
too - not only in their flesh, but in their seeds, as well. The seeds contain an
edible oil, that is great for cooking, great for your skin, and great for your hair.
The oil is so fine, that it has been used by watchmakers to lubricate wind-up
watches for many, many years. It is called "ben oil".
Take a trip to our website
www.ilovemoringa.com for photos of the pods.

Moringa leaves combine with just about any dish you can think of - well, it
may not be very tasty on ice cream, cake, or pie - but it is a perfect addition
to any main dish. The leaves turn a bright green when they are cooked, and the
taste - at the risk of being redundant - is great! We think it tastes like nutty spinach.

Moringa leaves add color, flavor, and extra nutrition to sandwiches, soups, sauces,
dips, salads, biscuits, breads, and any meat, poultry, fish, seafood or vegetarian
main dish. One of my favorite ways, is to heat up olive oil in a skillet, throw the
Moringa leaves in with some garlic and sea salt, cook about 2 minutes, and

If you want to grow Moringa, please remember that they are tropical trees. Moringa
needs sunlight, heat, and water - to thrive. They will survive temperatures in the high
30's and 40's, but a hard freeze will usually KILL them. They can be grown as an annual,
in the northern climates, or in a greenhouse, but they will only THRIVE, in a climate that is
HOT. We are in Florida, so having enough heat, is not usually a problem.

For those who are not in the tropics, you can still derive the benefits of Moringa,
from adding Moringa leaf powder to your diet. It is not quite the same as eating it
raw, but the leaf powder is a great deal more concentrated - so you can pack a lot of
nutrition, into a tiny little dose. Your body will thank you for even a teaspoon of it.

We have heard testimonies from people who were in horrible condition - they either
had painful arthritis, debilitating diabetes, skin conditions, no energy, cancer,
premature aging, malnutrition - you name it - before they started eating Moringa.
They tell us. that they no longer suffer from those conditions. We are not saying that
Moringa is THE CURE. We ARE saying, that millions of people worldwide - in India
and Africa, the Philippines, Guam, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Guatamala, Australia, Malaysia,
the United States, and many other countries - have come to rely upon Moringa -
the MIRACLE TREE - to keep them healthy.

You owe it to yourself, and to your family, to investigate Moringa, and consider
adding it to your diet. We have personally seen the effects it has on hair, and we
hear reports on a regular basis, of how the addition of Moringa to peoples' diet, has
affected the growth of their hair. If you just do a little research yourself, you'll see
that healthy hair is one of the best indicatorsof a healthy body. We have nothing
but praise for Moringa's incredible effect on hair.

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